Discovering maths with Max’ Math
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Discovering maths with Max’ Math


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Students will be asked to write a lesson plan that integrates literature with another subject area of their choice. They will develop their lesson around objectives they have written based on the Common Core and GLEs. They will then be required to write a rationale explaining why they did what they did as well as give a presentation on their lesson. 


Learning targets: 

  • Understand and use numbers up to 120
  • Use place value understanding to add and subtract
  • Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction
  • Reason with shapes and their attributes


Teacher says, hi, we have all heard numbers and know how to count them, but will you able to identify them when you see around you in everyday life? You guys have been quick to learn the numbers! (Let students reminisce for a minute) Good! I am glad that you were able to do this, as it allowed us to move further in the lesson plan faster. Guess what, today we will listen to a story, and, read how studying is all about fun. We will do subtraction and additions, and meet so many shapes. Do you know that maths is all around us, and we can count the things, just like we do in the book (Let students ponder for a minute)? So, are you ready? Let's, start.



Probing questions

  • Where are the shapes around us?
  • How do we do addition and subtraction of objects?
  • How can we count in place value, and make addition or subtraction easier.

Max math

  • Who is max? Why is he roaming around?
  • How did max used calculations in his life? 
  • What shapes did max meet in his journey?

Classroom activity details

  1. Gather students around in a circle, and talk to the students about objects that are all around us, and how we can count them just like we count numbers on a number sheet.
  2. Talk to student that each object irrespective of their nature can be added or subtracted in a place value manner, and discuss the concept of place value.
  3. Start reading the book, and while reading discuss about the shapes that we meet in the real life, and compare them to the one max met in his journey
  4. After reading the book, ask the students to identify the numbers in max' journey together, such as 2 wheels, 10 vehicles, 2 buses and so on. 
  5. Provide students with small objects which they can count, only allowing them to use the number 1-10. Thus, for example 20 objects the students will be counted in the term of 2 piles of 10 objects.

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