Disaster Plan Analysis Report Tianjin Explosion 2015
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Disaster Plan Analysis Report Tianjin Explosion 2015


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Students are to submit a disaster plan analysis report comprising of 1500 words focusing on the  principles of risk management.  Students are encouraged to utilise a range of resources in the report  including relevant multi-media where appropriate, graphs, charts, etc.  Ensure an evidence based  approach is taken into the analysis drawing on theoretical frameworks from the research and  literature, and from recent news accounts of the disaster. 



Engineering firms are prone to inherent risks arising from their installed capacities. This facilitates the need for risk management to manage risks such as financial, loss in market share and hindrances to business continuity. Further, there is a need for response and mitigation plans to cater to catastrophic events that have impact on firm performance, workforce safety and public and environmental well-being. This report assesses the disaster occurred on August 12, 2015 resulting from blasts at the Ruihai International Logistics chemical warehouse in the Tianjin port which resulted in the death of 173 people. This event exposed the major errors in handling hazardous chemicals ranging from corruptive bureaucracies, management negligence, unskilled labour, poor emergency response practices and China's stance in the global market (Jing, 2016). Based on the analysis of this disaster, the risk associated with the operations of the chemical warehouse are identified, risk perception is analysed followed by risk communication plan, using the risk management tools management strategies are developed, and finally a critical analysis of risk assessment as a decision-making tool is conducted.


1. Tianjin Explosion 2015

On August 12, 2015 two powerful explosions occurred in the industrial Binhai New Area in Tianjin port, China. It was estimated to cause 173 fatalities with repurcusions reaching upto 20 kilometres far (The Guardian, 2015). According to the Chinese media report, two consecutive explosions were triggered from a shipment of explosive materials including sodium cyanide and toluene diisocyanate, held in that warehouse of Tianjin Dongjiang Port Ruihai International Logistics (SupplyChain Morning Post, 2015) . The severity of the first blast was 3tonnes of TNT and the second one was 21 tonnes of TNT. Apart from human casualties, around 800 people were injured, nearby housing blocks, buildings and apartment, shipments of automobiles and other infrastructure were destroyed

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