Digital Resources Analysis
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Digital Resources Analysis


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The assessment task requires you to search and locate five (5) sources in total that will be useful for completing your proposal and report for Assessment 2a and 2b. 

At least three resources must be from reliable academic sources, such as academic journals. The  other sources can come from media sites, books, magazines, websites, YouTube and Tedtalks.  

These resources must relate to your topic, which is on implementing a digital communication  strategy within an organsiation. Therefore, it is important that you have thought about what  type of strategy you wish to focus on before you start your research. If you are doing this in a  group you must all agree on the topic, but the research is conducted individually.


Resource 1 

Name of the resource 

Social Media in Internal Communications: A View from Senior Management. 

Type of the resource 

Book chapter.

Summary and justification for selection

This book chapter makes an assessment of using social media tools to promote internal communications in a business organization from the perspective of the senior management. Along with social media, use of advanced IT tools is also assessed from the same perspective. Data is collected in this book chapter by use of 23 highly detailed and insightful interviews with senior management staff from different companies present in Slovenia. Findings of this study confirm that the senior management appreciates capability of social media in making employees more engaged with business operations and to communicate more frequently and effectively with their teams in the workplace. Furthermore, it is suggested that the trend of using social media in international communications is growing. 

Selection of this book chapter is useful project on business communication is useful as it provides great reliable insights to the views of senior management, which is not covered by most other studies.


Five tests of reliability 

  • Author: Both authors have prior experience of management related studies and have published numerous paper before. 
  • Audience test: The intended audience for this book chapter appears to be management students and managers, but the content is straightforward enough for anyone to understand. 
  • Transparency test: chapter clearly informs the way of data collection with specifics. 
  • Objectivity test: the purpose of study is made clear and the article sticks with its objective off performing scholarly research.
  • Currency test: the book chapter is fairly recent and provides insights to industry that are still valid to a strong degree.

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