Digital Communication Strategy Part B
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Digital Communication Strategy Part B


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Part B: Report 

Now that you have decided on your content and structure, you have to write the report. Follow the  report structure that you studied in Module 2 and review the marking rubric in this assessment brief  on page 3. 

It is expected that you will demonstrate in your report: 

a comprehensive understanding of the topic you have chosen 

evidence of research and application of reliable and relevant evidence 

critical analysis and the ability to develop coherent arguments 

effective communication in the form of professional writing skills, presented in a report  format and; 

effective referencing skills (APA style) 

evidence of a contribution to group effectiveness (if completed as a group assignment)  Note: You will not be disadvantaged if you do this individually


Executive summary

In the recent years, the business framework for the financial sector has become more communicative, and there is a pronounced need to ensure that the self-directed learning in the organization is accompanied with an engaging, and motivating environment. For the purpose of this strategic development an organizational audit in terms of HRM (human resource management needs) have been studied in the present report in the context of ABC corporation. The report discusses the need of holistic communicative and motivation strategy using knowledge forum, social media and email tools. The study advocates, that when opting for a motivation strategy there is a need to understand the employees and the relation between the office values alignment. Through this report a case for aligning the organizational values to the communication and motivation needs is made. The study further advocates a need to develop a motivation strategy through adapting transformational leadership model and a culture of transparency and open communication.



Digital communication strategy for a business in the present day has been acknowledged as an elixir, in the view of the changing industrial trends, globalization and ever rising workplace diversity (Colbert, Yee and George, 2016). The focus of the present report is to discuss the digital communication policy relevance, its course of implementation, and their drivers of success in the context of a financial organization.

Statement of purpose 

ABC Corporation is a financial institute that has exceedingly faced HRM issues in view of their stringent leadership, and profit-oriented business framework in their office environment. With the passage of time, there is an increasing need for the corporation to ensure that the 'work from home culture', and the 'virtual office' paradigm along with the diversity inclusion framework does not affect the core values of the business (Jabs, 2013; Rotimi, 2010). Through this report the relevance of using tools such as social media, email prompts and knowledge forum will be discussed to create a strategy focused on employee engagement and motivation (Wrench, 2013).

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