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Development Of Personal Leadership Model - Expert Assignment Help


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Using essay format and structure, develop a personal leadership model with reference to at least  three (3) major areas of leadership (e.g. ethics, multiculturalism, teamwork, philosophy, psychology,  power, leadership theory, management). Refer to the examples and instructions provided in the textbook  for guidance and apply the following guidelines to your leadership model: 

  • Explain the main organizing idea or issue in your leadership model? E.G. credibility, vision, traits,  relationships, etc. 
  • Describe what you consider to be the most important traits, skills and tasks of an effective leader.  Explain the core values that your leadership model emphasises.  
  • Explain how the relationships in the organisation/group that exist will benefit as a result of using  your leadership model. 
  • Describe the culture of the organization/group that would exist if your model was used. Explain what the leadership practiced in your model is seeking to achieve? 
  • Explain why your leadership model is different than what currently exists? If it is not different,  explain why you have elected for the status quo.  
  • Explain how you will personally apply your leadership model. 



Personal leadership model involves taking accountability for all facets of the organisation and leading it to a direction that is best for the firm. It is critical to have personal leadership skill for being efficacious in leading at the workplace (Northouse 2012). Hence, my personal leadership model would focus on exploring my analyst leadership style. My leadership style would consider the three major areas of leadership, including ethics, teamwork and management. I will discuss the needed qualities of an effective leader in further sections for analysing the effectiveness of my personal leadership model.


Development of a personal leadership model

My leadership model emphasises on three key sections of leadership such as teamwork, ethic and management. Hence, this model would provide an opportunity to develop my career as a competent leader. Today’s leaders have to be multitasking for addressing the hasty issues occur within the workplace. Applying my leadership model may also help other leaders work in different organisations to perform their duties accurately. While working as a leader, I experienced several issues related to vision, traits, and relationships in managing my team members effectively. I found myself as an ineffective leader, as I failed to manage proper communication with my team member due to which I was unable to recognise and solve their problems properly. Communicating goals and visions play a vital role in getting success in teamwork (Allio 2012). I failed to communicate the vision of the teamwork, and that is why I failed to foster an empathetic relationship with my team members. This led to decreased team morale and motivation toward achieving shared goals. Hence, I have decided to develop an appropriate leadership model so that I can perform my duties aptly and making my team members work collaboratively. In order to be an ethical leader, it is crucial to understand the meaning of ethics and various ways through which ethical decisions can be taken (Bodla & Nawaz 2010). Therefore, to be an ethical leader, the ethical values of the company must be communicated regularly with all the team members on a regular basis. I must use a performance appraisal and reward system for increasing employee motivation in performing their tasks ethically. 

In order to thrive in a management position, it is essential to recognise the important trait, quality, skill and task shared by a good leader. A good leader has a passion for their duties they perform and feel it is critical. Sharing this passion with employees may help the leader to promote team motivation and overall productivity (Northouse 2012). Moreover, a competent leader must have an excellent communication skill in order to carry out necessary communication with the staffs at all levels meritoriously (Dennis, Kinzler-Norheim & Bocarnea 2010). Good communication enables a leader to keep his or her employees informed about what to perform. Here the most important task for the team leader is to organise a regular meeting with all staffs for providing them updated information about a particular project (DeRue & Ashford 2010). Moreover, encouraging workers to work in an organised manner rather working competitively is important to be focused by the team leader during team building. Hence, I have understood that for being an effective leader, I need to acquire all these skills, traits and tasks appropriately. I need to be more passionate as a leader for performing my duties efficiently.

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