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Development of formal email policy - Expert Assignment Help


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  • Why should your organisation develop a formal email policy?
  • Issues around email use: for example, too many emails (information overload), email ‘addiction’, privacy and legal implications.
  • What are the benefits of a formal email policy?
  • How should the policy be implemented or enforced?


The report underlines the purpose and benefits of adopting a formal email policy for an organization. It also provides guidelines on the number of factors to be considered when implementing an email policy. The primary needs for adopting a uniform policy is to introduce professionalism, reduce company's liability in case of an unfortunate incident, preventing any misconduct among the employees as well as to improve communication efficiency. A formal email policy helps to maintain discipline in the organization and provides clarifications on what is permissible to be exchanged over emails. 

Since the organization in reference here is an IT firm, the requirement is to support clients round the clock. The quality of emails sent out from the organization to clients represents the maturity of the organization. Also, high emphasis is required on the security and maintaining confidentiality of copyright data while exchanging any information over emails. There are some issues like over-dependence on emails, loss of personal touch, overflow of information, effect on personal life, etc. that should be considered while implementing a formal email policy. The implementation can comprise of an initial training program followed by constant monitoring of content floated over organization emails. 


It cannot be argued upon more how email has changed the way modern businesses function. Companies across the world have discarded their paper correspondences and adopted email as their primary source of documentation (Arnesen & Weis, 2007). The advantages of email over paper like ease of use, speed, and easy archival, etc. make it so important and almost inevitable for organizations working at such fast pace. The formal email policy also binds organizations legally, as any email can be treated as written on an electronic letterhead from the organization. 

Written communication also plays a major role in organizations today. It has become increasingly important to have a documentation or record of almost everything. Also, with increasing security and confidentiality requirements, emails provide the best way to keeping things safe. Formal emails bring in a uniform culture of communication in the company. This also reflects in any external communications to clients from the organization. In absence of a formal email policy, every employee might customize one's email from a perspective he/she things appropriate. With employees coming from different backgrounds and having a non-uniform career trajectory, there is a need for a consistent and single set of guidelines for a formal email policy. 

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