Developing creativity among student
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Developing creativity among student


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As outlined above there are many things you can do to identify and build strengths. Your challenge now is  to implement one of these ideas or come up with your own plan for building strengths in your early  childhood environment.


Osborne-Parnes creativity development model

Osborne-Parnes model is a six-stage thought-provoking process that assists in development of creative thinking skills among participants. The purpose of using this model is to develop creativity among students in a classroom setting at Garfield Preschool Wentworthville NSW.    

Activity description

Activities that focus on development of creativity among children should put emphasis on several different areas of creativities. As part of this creativity enhancing activity, students will be asked to take part in the activity that will change every week, covering all six stages of the creativity model. There are six stages defined in the activity of Osborne-Parnes model of creativity(Devine, 2014). These six stages include the following stages- 

  • Mass finding (identifying the objective in a problem)
  • Fact finding 
  • Problem finding 
  • Idea finding 
  • Solution finding (evaluating an idea)
  • Acceptance finding (way of implementing an idea)

This creativity model is a thorough way of covering all basics that are required in creative thinking and developing a way of looking at problems in different ways. In this case, each week, a new hypothetical problem will be presented to the children in form of visual representation using either toys or drawings. Based on this representation, students will be asked to correctly identify the objective, knowing all the facts to the situation, knowing the problem in the situation, finding an idea that leads to solution, finding the solution, and finally implementation of the solution. A simple example for this creativity model is the classic puzzle of a fox, chicken and sack of grain riddle. 

Use of this creativity enhancing activity is done in order to ensure that children get to exercise their creativity skills in a group situation to also understand how other kids come up with an idea to reach the solution. Selection of the Osborne-Parnes is very helpful in this scenario as it is designed to help tackle a single problem from multiple avenues and solve a problem in a structured manner.

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