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Critical analysis of a Project Management Plan - Expert Assignment Help


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Assignment requirements

 Refer to the Assignment Guidelines for assistance in completing this assignment. Remember to integrate academic theory into your assignment to support your arguments and proposals.

Provide the following:

Assignment 2 mark sheet: Download the MGT8022 electronic submission mark sheet from the StudyDesk. Electronic assignments should follow the correct file-naming guidelines.

Title page: Ensure that your document includes a normal report cover sheet or title page that would be expected of a professional document to provide details of report title, author, date, student number, etc. (this is in addition to the electronic mark sheet discussed above). This assignment is a professional academic paper so should be presented as one.


Executive Summary (200–250 words but this does not form part of the assignment word count). The executive summary comes before the table of contents. Read the guidelines and provide a formal Executive Summary with details of why the report was prepared, how it is structured, and what the important findings, conclusions and recommendations are. The Executive Summary relates to the analysis only. (SUGGESTION: this should be written last after you have finished the report.)

Table of contents: This should be a full listing with respective page numbers of executive summary, introduction, main sections, references, individual appendices, and full listing of all figures and tables.

  1. Introduction (250 words): Briefly state why your report has been prepared, what project is being analysed, and how the report is structured. (Note – this may be similar to the introduction in assignment 1 if you have used the same project, but this is a new report, and you need to provide the information your reader needs to understand the report. You can use the same information in both assignments. There is no need to reference assignment 1 if you are using your original work.)
  2. Project background (250 words): Your project description should describe the project and its context – what organisation is the project owner/sponsor, what this organisation does, why the project is being done, where it is located, etc. The description should contain enough detail for the reader to understand the reason behind each of the components of the plan – why it is included and its content and format.
  3. Audience and structure of the Project Management Plan (1000–1500 words approximately)
    • 3.1 Provide a critical analysis of who is intended to be the main audience of the PM plan? What do they need to know? How will they use the plan? What information needs to be provided?
    • 3.2 What alternatives exist for the structure of a PM plan (examine and compare a range of theories and opinions here)? How should that information be provided? In what sequence? What does the theory say?
  1. Contents of the Project Management Plan (1000–1500 words approximately)

Provide a critical analysis of the major sections of the plan and provide some theoretical framework for what is included in each section (e.g. Why has a project schedule been included, is it a meaningful document, was it prepared by the right people, does it contain the right information, etc.?) This explanation will be drawn from the study modules, text book, selected readings, and other sources. This discussion will probably cover most, if not all, knowledge areas covered under the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) (PMI 2013) in one form or another. It does not have to be under those headings but should clearly indicate that it covers all recognised areas covered by the various Project Management Bodies of Knowledge.

  1. Conclusions (250 words): Summarise your findings from the analysis of your project management plan. What did you find out about the project plan? Does it conform to the recognised theory? What aspects are important and are of significance to project outcomes? What are its strengths and its weaknesses? (Focus here on the project plan and not on the theory).
  2. Recommendations (250 words): What are your recommendations flowing from this analysis with regard to your chosen PMP? What changes should be made to your PMP for this project (or similar future projects)? Address the shortcomings identified in the conclusions. Again, focus on recommendations related to your PMP and not on the project itself.

List of references: Provide a complete list of references providing full details of all citations used in the body of the assignment.

Appendices: The PMP you have analysed will be attached as Appendix 1 (see below). Attach any additional appendices that relate specifically to the analysis following appendix 1. They should be numbered sequentially in the order in which they appear (Appendix 2, etc.).


Appendix 1 should ideally be an actual project management plan for your chosen project and would be the sort of document that would be handed to a client/manager to illustrate how it is intended to manage the project through to completion. A project plan is often used to gain sponsor/client commitment, and should contain sufficient information to allow such a decision to be made with confidence. Make sure you understand what a project management plan is before you select a document for analysis.

It might be a document that you create yourself for this assignment or it might be an existing plan from your place of work or from another source if you don't have access to one from your workplace. Either way,the source should be clearly indicated.

Appendices in addition to the PM plan may be attached to the report. If so, they should be numbered sequentially, e.g. Appendix 2, Appendix 3, etc.

Turnitin Originality Report

 Remember to submit a shortened version of your assignment (remove the mark sheet and all appendices) to Turnitin for checking and to submit a copy of the Turnitin Originality Report with your assignment through EASE. See above for more detailed instructions.



The SR 520 Pontoon Construction Project is a program involving HOV and bridge replacement. The selected person as the Designer Builder has been Kiewit-

General (K-G). His selection has been through the process of design-build procurement.

The Pontoon Construction Project's purpose and scope are delivering pontoons required for the replacement of the traffic capacity existing in the Evergreen Point Bridge. The scope of the project aligning with the PMBOK Project Scope Management is described below. There will be a storage of the pontoons if they are required for response to the catastrophic failures. Alternately, their incorporation can be for the replacement of the Evergreen Point Bridge as proposed.  

In achieving this purpose, the project is supposed to build a facility of the new casting basin which can be accommodating multiple pontoons' simultaneous construction required in the proposed replacement of the bridge in its first phase. There is intended of the WSDOT in maintaining the availability of the facility proposed for constructing additional pontoons required for the accommodation of the improvements foreseeable to the Evergreen Point Bridge.


At the time building of the bridge, pontoon is no longer required, the facility would be maintained by WSDOT while it adheres to the regulations related to the environmental factors applicable to the facility and the site till the decisions are taken regarding the future of the facility. The options pertaining to the facility include: 1) reopening of the various types of construction projects or future WSDOT pontoons’ facility; 2) selling of the property that comes with improvements, or 3) decommissioning the facility and restoring the site to the condition previously held by it before it is being sold. 

3.0 Background

There are many unique characteristics in the SR 520 Pontoon Construction Design-Build Project. This creates differences with respect to the way that construction projects are managed by WSDOT. The traits create opportunities and challenges to the project’s successful implementation.  During the bid opening, in the history of WSDOT, this project had the largest bid. Design-Build is a delivery method alternatively used in several WSDOT projects. This is the United State’s first project that was awarded before the NEPA Record of Decision and Environmental Impact Statement’s completion. In addition, the project team of the WSDOT in relation to the teams will be blended from the different regions of WSDOT. There is the preparation of the PMP (Project Management Plan) in July 2009. The PMP was prepared for the pontoons and pontoon construction facility’s pre-award phase. Consequently, there was an acceleration in the schedule for procurement. On 24 August 2009, there was issuance for RFP (request for proposal). Following this, the execution of the contract took place on 12 February 2010.  There was the implementation of the Design-Build Project Management Plan for the contract phase of the design-build of the project serving as the updated PMP in overall. The time management applied in this project has been in accordance with PMBOK Time Management. 

The PMP will have the provision to describe the project team's general responsibilities. Apart from the PMP, this project includes a number of plans that will be implemented and developed, ensuring the PMP's compliance along with Federal and State policy. The plans that are specific will be inclusive of organizational charts, responsibility matrices, flow diagrams, processes and other information pertinent in guiding the project staff.  

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