Scenario-Based Nursing Care Plan
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Scenario-Based Nursing Care Plan


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To facilitate your learning and critical analysis of the case study, discuss the following in your essay;

  1. What activities did the nurse or midwife need to complete in the immediate situation? Outline the actions and/or inactions by the nurse or midwife that relate to their individual professional accountability and the accountability to coordinate care with others.
  2. What professional standards were breached in this situation? Read through the NMBA codes and standards to identify (at least three) relevant statements that apply in to this case study and provide a clear and concise rationale for your selection. Your answer must be specific to the case study context and refer to relevant NMBA professional standards.
  3. What professional behaviours may have made a difference in this situation? Your discussion needs to be focused and relevant to the case study. In writing your answer, consider the level of engagement, personal attributes, prior clinical experience, and evidence of clinical reasoning, clinical actions and whether the nurse or midwife involved evaluated or reflected on the care they provided.
  4. What do you learn from this case study about your own preparedness for professional practice? Choose one aspect of care from the case study that is within the scope of practice for a new graduate nurse or midwife and reflect on what accountable actions may apply. This paragraph can be written in the first person, where appropriate, as you are reflecting on your own preparedness for professional practice.



In healthcare settings patient places a lot of trust on the nursing professionals. Through this case incidence of unsatisfactory patient care and conduct is addressed. In order to avoid a subjective deflection towards the patients, standardization is practiced by nursing professionals (Savage, Kub, & Groves, 2015). Whilst practicing within Australia all nursing and midwife professionals need to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA). This body function as a professional standard for the organization, where the code of ethics and personal conduct are provided as a guideline for optimized care delivery to these professionals (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2012). Through the present review a case of professional unsatisfactory conduct is studied. The study will assess the scope of failure in meeting standards of care and practice in this case. Furthermore, the study will assess, how the situation could have been handled better. Through this case, relevance of accountability and reliability in the professional practice has been advocated.


Case summary

The case is about an experienced nurse named Heather Conyard who was the nurse in charge for an afternoon shift at Glen Innes District Hospital. The health care complaints commission (HCCC) filed a complaint against Conyard in view of her inability to care for an elderly patient presented at the hospital. One of the patients in the hospital has been there for several days and his condition was not improving. During that shift, the patient's condition deteriorated and red zone observations were present. What the nurse needed to do in the immediate situation was to recognize and respond to the patient's deteriorating condition.  The actions taken by the nurse include assessing the patient herself, doing an ECG, assessing his vital, managing his responsiveness towards medication, and documenting the course of his treatment. Her inactions included failing to document her assessment of the patient and, failing to coordinate care with other health professionals and failing to take action on the patient's deteriorating condition. As per Savage, Kub, & Groves (2015), the patient failed to apply the optimized scope of care and their skills for the patient, and his shrugged away from their responsibilities. Thus her responsiveness and accountability towards the patients is brought to question. As it appears here, her inactions contributed significantly towards the death of the patient with septicaemia. Conyard provided sub-standard care to the patient, and failed to recognize and take actions for the deteriorating condition of the patient.

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