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Assignment Description

The encompassing idea of this assignment is to analyse a selected emerging (information) technology trend and to present a logical and factual account of events in its evolutionary time-line to date. You will assess its likely costs and potential market penetration in a corporate context including comprehensive evaluation of one selected usage scenario along with a critical assessment of likely ethical concerns associated with its deployment in a business environment. 

There are two assessment items associated with this assignment:

  • A 5 minute presentation outlining the technology and its potential for use in a corporate context
  • A written report presenting the technology analysis in full.

For you to gain any marks for the assignment you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Deliver a 5 minute outline of your chosen technology in a nominated time slot in the week 10 or week 11 workshop
  2. Submit a copy of your report to TurnItIn by the due time
  3. Attach a completed group declaration and blank criteria sheet to your assignment

No exception will be made to these requirements.


Quantum computers have been under development for years due to their fragile nature and experiments to determine its feasibility in the real-time. There is a growing trend of theoretical designs being put into a workable system. This is evident from the increasing capital funding of technology-based companies like Google, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft for research and development of different technological components required to construct quantum computers such as microelectronics, complex circuits, and control software.

There is a long impending struggle among researchers to build quantum computers with the capacity to solve complex problems that are beyond the abilities of the existing computer technologies. Quantum computers are preferred choice to factor large numbers often associated with its potential to crack encryption techniques and provide uncrackable replacements, resolve complicated optimisation problems, and execute machine-learning algorithms. Its future usage is yet to be envisioned.

The main feature of quantum computing technology is its superpositioning ability across different states. Quantum computers are expected to solve complicated problems with efficiency than conventional systems. Though there are various advantages, quantum computer poses difficulty in their construction and availability in the market for the end-user. This report has identified that there is a potential usage of quantum computing in the financial services industry. Financial managers and bankers found it to be useful in decision making for trading activities and generate possible scenarios for successful investments. Despite the advantages, organisational strategy related to capital investments directly influence the cost of per device. There are various ethical issues associated with the adoption of quantum computing. With its ability to handle difficult data processing, quantum technology poses security threats when used to hack encryption and breach systems holding sensitive data like customer bank account and transaction details. The limitations would be overcome in the near future, and it is expected to have an efficient system in the market.



The basis of quantum computation is that all information is ultimately physical (Kumar, Kiranagi, & Bagewadi, 2012). As per scientific research, all matter is composed of atoms and their interactions and time evolution fall under the laws of quantum mechanics. Information is not an abstract concept, and it must be recorded and stored on the media supporting quantum mechanics. This requires the expanding scope of information from a mere 1’s and 0’s to their quantumness media nature for information (Lloyd, 2009). The implications of this new field of quantum information theory are still being explored and may yet deliver more surprise. In this backdrop, this report explores the emerging technology of quantum computing through its timeline, features, advantages and limitations. The potential corporate usage scenario is identified, and cost and uptake expectations are evaluated. The ethical considerations arising from the implementation of this technology in a corporate set up are identified and end with a conclusion section.

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