Contemporary Issues in Accounting
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Contemporary Issues in Accounting


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Clearly and concisely define your issue. Capture the reader's attention, why the research is important and the theoretical basis that you have adopted. Work on the introduction every week but complete it last.

Length: one paragraph.

Practical Motivation:

Demonstrate, with references where possible, why the issue is important to practice (e.g., to accountants, managers, regulators, the general public). 

Length: one short paragraph (or it may be integrated with the theoretical motivation below in one paragraph.)

Theoretical Motivation:

 Provide an overview of the contribution that the research will make to theory (e.g., replicating existing research, testing theory, addressing gaps in existing research, reconciling conflicting results from prior research…) 

Length: one short paragraph (or it may be integrated with the practical motivation above in one paragraph.)

Literature Review:

Build a logical argument for a specific relationship between two variables (i.e., a theoretical framework), using established research published in academic journals. Carefully review the research that has been done on the relationship between these two variables before: clearly define the two variables; explain how these two variables are understood to be linked; and outline the reasons given for why there is a relationship between these two variables. Critically discuss the strengths and limitations of the existing research and use this to justify the argument for a modification to the theory or a new application of the theory. The argument must lead to a specific prediction (to be stated in the next section) that can be tested. 

Length: this is the longest part of your proposal, similar to the 'body' of other assignments.


Clearly state your testable and falsifiable predictions. Express your hypotheses in the alternative form where appropriate. (

Length: one sentence only.



In recent years, there is a growing trend among corporations to disclose their social actions especially related to the surrounding environment. This is considered as an approach to remain legitimate among the public. According to the legitimacy theory, the existence of an organization depends on its ability to adopt to the social values and norms. The market-based theories which emphasis on decision-usefulness of the disclosed information, have limited explanation related to this voluntary practice (Savage et al. 2001). This research proposal aims to apply legitimacy theory to reason the decision of companies to engage in voluntary disclosure of environmental data.


Practical Motivation

Currently, one of the significant concerns executives face is managing the economic impacts of their operations in the environment. This is evident from the increasing number of companies participating in the CDP survey and their willingness to disclose information (CDP 2017). Around 67% of companies globally have targeted to reduce their carbon emissions (Blasco & King 2017). A majority of companies are reported to given less prominence to climate change in their annual reports as a financial threat. However, companies expect environmental issues to have major impacts on their operations in the future. Companies view that disclosing environmental performance information assists investors to conducts assessment of organizational value, its future prospects and the expected cost to control emissions  (Bewley & Li 2000). Also, regulators and the general public are expected to asses such environmental information to assess the organisation's environmental performance and impact on the society and economy. Due to the increase probability of occurrence adverse environmental issues, companies gain benefits to disclose environmental information as a strategic initiative (O'Donovan 2002).

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