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Communication strategy for spreading awareness - Expert Assignment Help


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You need to select from the following list of events/activities/issues:

1. Develop a communications strategy to publicise a series of 2 health seminars

Topics can be selected from:
a. Zika virus
b. Ice drug abuse
c. Social connectedness
The setting can be your choice. For example the seminars might be located in a community setting for the public or be conducted by a health organisation for professionals from across a region, or you might run online webinars. You will be expected to run two different seminars on the one topic. For instance, one might be about risk factors, while the next seminar might be about effective strategies to address the issue.

2. Develop a communications strategy to raise awareness about an issue.

Select from the following issues:
a. Zika virus
b. Ice drug abuse
c. Social connectedness
Feel free to focus the topic as you wish. For instance, you might choose to focus on the possibility of contracting the Zika virus in Rio during the Olympics; or on social isolation among older Australians in rural and remote regions. Keep it general or focus in on an aspect of the topic. It's up to you to decide. If unsure of what to do, email your Unit Chair/tutor to check on your ideas before proceeding.



'To develop a communication strategy and communication plan for spreading awareness about 'Zika Virus' among International tourists in Brazil'

The main objective is to make international tourists more informed and more aware of the various ways in which Zika virus is getting transmitted so that they can have a safe stay in Brazil and they do not transmit the disease into their own country. 

Data suggests (Center of disease control and prevention, 2016) that the Zika infection first got reported in areas of Africa, Southeast Asia, and the pacific island prior to 2015. In mid-2015 first confirmed Zika virus infection was reported in Brazil and currently there are reports of possible Zika infection in many countries. Importantly, reports (Center for disease control and prevention, 2016) also suggest that the infection through Zika virus, many times, does not show any visible sign in the infected person many times. The person appears to be healthy as usual even if he has got the infection. Transmission through infected person is one of the major ways (Center for disease control and prevention, 2016) the disease is getting spread. This makes our case for choosing International tourists more apt. 

The table below (World Bank, 2016) indicates number of international tourists to Brazil in years 2011-2014, which is increasing continuously. Keeping this regular increase of international tourism in Brazil into account, we believe it is important to target the international tourist as our primary audience for this communication plan. 



Based on various aspects of this awareness campaign, various stakeholders identified for our awareness campaign are:

  • International Tourists
  • Travel agencies
  • Advertising agencies
  • International Ticketing Websites
  • Hotels
  • Local Media
  • Airlines Media(for in-flight magazines) 

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