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  1. What techniques are used?
  2. How do teachers say they manage the classroom, and what do they do in reality?
  3. Is there a discrepancy between teachers’ beliefs and practices with regard to classroom management?


Classroom Management Proposal

Management of a classroom involves developing proactive ways that will prevent problems from arising and create a nice learning environment for students. The role of this project is to highlight classroom management techniques and teaching techniques that can be employed by a teacher. 

Classroom Management Techniques

One of the prerequisites to effective classroom management is the teacher being confident and totally present to the needs of the students in the classroom.  Having a well-prepared lesson plan is quite essential to have a well-managed classroom ( Cangelosi, 2004). The teacher should use teaching techniques and teaching aids that he or she can handle with confidence, so that focus on student needs is not lost in dealing with other aspects of teaching. The focus of this project will be on the technique of co-operative learning, and the use of projectors and video games as these are skill areas where the researcher has confidence which is also areas that are perceived to motivate students to engage with classroom content while the teacher can remain focused on classroom behaviour.


Teaching techniques 

Cooperative Learning Strategy can be characterized as an instructional strategy, and it is a type of group work where two or more students have to achieve the same goal of mastering specific academic materials. (Buella, 2010). Usage of projectors (use of PowerPoint presentations, images, film) has the following advantages: Easier note-taking, greater teaching versatility, better use of class time, better student presentations (Whitaker, 2012). Gamification involves the use of games in teaching and making students learn without even realizing that they are learning. Games provide motivation for student learning (Santos, 2013).

Teacher's expectation vs. reality 

Sometimes teacher's beliefs can be different from the reality of classrooms. Teachers often chose to teach because they love children and believe that they are essentially good. Such expectations of children’s behaviour do not prepare them for the challenges of managing student behaviour within the classroom situation where they are often disinterested and lack motivation. Teachers often, therefore, needed to rethink assumptions about student behaviour while planning classes and devise techniques to manage disruptive and disinterested students.

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