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Changes in American History since 1400 - Expert Assignment Help


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Comment on the major social, economic, political, and cultural changes that have shaped American history from the 1400s to the end of the Reconstruction era. Be sure to take into account differences in race, ethnicity, gender, and economic class in your discussion 


I will begin with comments on the social changes in the 1400s that have shaped American history. The 1400s was the period of Renaissance in Europe and the changes that were happening in Europe were influencing American life of this period as well. The Renaissance period encouraged the age of great learning and exploration but also came from a society where there was a huge class difference between people. People belonged either to the nobility or to the peasant class and with declining land in the villages for the ownership of the peasant class, a trend of migration to cities and towns in search of jobs began in this period leading to increasing urbanization.

The education system of this time was quite simple. If there were less than 50 children, they were taught by a teacher in a classroom, if there were 100 children a school was established. The local meeting house was the seat of both the government and the church.7-5 elders conducted the daily business of the society and marriages were conducted by a Justice of the peace, it was considered a signed Covenant. Divorce was legal but not common. Women did own property given by their husbands and if there were no male heirs. The sons lived at home till 30's and daughters married in their late teens. Land went to the sons and daughters had the moveable goods. The nobility held about 40% if the land and governed. People tolerated and followed the English common law. In the period servants were considered slaves. Calvinists of these times rejected the Book of Common Prayer and had no vestment garments for the clergy. There was no church organization above the clergy.


Economically, the 1600s ushered in the age of exploration: newer and better sailing techniques were developed and there was a huge race to mount expeditions to different parts of the world by European countries like Spain, Portugal, France and England. This was the time when both Vasco da Gama and Columbus set on their expeditions. 

This period can be called the Age of Conquistadores – the expeditions launched were private expeditions where the commander was given a license from the crown and was entitled to 20 % of the plunder. There were insurmountable class distinctions among the members of the expeditions with the officers being from the noble – Hidalgo class and the peasants forming the Infantry. 

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