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Case of Qantas Group| Australia - Expert Assignment Help


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What are the significance of customer satisfaction in the airline industry for the promotion of tourism?


Background of the Research

Customer satisfaction in tourism is not absolute because tourists usually compare services and products offered by an organization with their previous experiences; benchmarking of their tourism experiences. Customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction in the tourism industry is an outcome of tangible elements such as seat availability, flight interior, food served and intangible elements- services offered and behavior of flight attendants (Horner & Swarbrooke, 2004). It has been observed by (Oxford Economics, 2011) that air transport is the core of global tourism and business. The swiftness, convenience and affordability that air transport offers have made it possible for people traveling for business and tourists to experience diversity in terms of climate, cultures and geographies. 


Business and Leisure tourists are very strong contributors to the Australian economy; 35.7 billion Australian Dollars are spent by international tourists every year. 99.5% of these international visitors choose to travel by air to Australia. Qantas Group being the largest Airline in Australia has a significant role to play as an auxiliary to the tourism of the country. Qantas Airways not only facilitates international and domestic air travel, but it also acts as a marketer for promoting Australian tourism due to its extremely extensive network domestically and internationally. The customer satisfaction index of Qantas is very high; it ranks 1st domestically and ranks 3rd internationally (Roy Morgan Research, 2015). 

Research Aim Statement

The current research is being conducted to highlight the significance of customer satisfaction in the airline industry by specifically focussing on Qantas Airways as it is the largest and most customer preferred airline of the country. The aim of the current research is to identify and explore the factors that act as contributors to customer satisfaction in the airline industry and the implications of customer satisfaction towards the airline and tourism industry.

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