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BUSN20016: Research in business - Expert Assignment Help


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Briefly write down the analysis of different leadership styles that impact organizational performance?


Different leaders adopt various leadership styles based on personal preference as well as what the organization demands (Ogbonna & Harris, 2000). In fact, it becomes very important to select the right leadership style, at the right time and in the right situation (Goleman, Boyatzis, & McKee, Primal leadership, 2013). The system of shared beliefs & values that affect how people behave in a firm can be termed as the culture of that organization. These are the people who shape the entire organization structure and lay down a hierarchy to keep it in shape and ensure smooth functioning. The upper end of the ladder is as important as the lower end. However, the different styles of working that the upper end possesses define how the following systems will react to the same and thus express the true culture of the organization. According to situational theories of leadership, people tend to have only a specific style to address different situations. This can be compared to having one dress for all occasions. Adjusting your style as per surrounding situations is the key. Hence it indicates that an effective leader should develop more than one leadership style (Leban & Zulauf, 2004).


This study examines observe the effect of various leadership styles on the productivity of an organization. Also, how effective can changing a style at a fast pace affect the functioning of the organization. Different leadership styles can be compared against each other and a set of styles that best suit the organization environment can be identified. Due research will be conducted to identify these styles, and its results will be analyzed against the expected research outcomes. Various sources shall be referred to study existing exercises to understand this topic and hence a thorough understanding of historical and contemporary leadership styles will be developed. This can also help to understand how these styles have evolved with time and how have they affected the organization’s culture. 

Problem Statement

The organization can be affected by various styles of leadership in a positive as well as a negative way (Koech & Namusonge, 2012). It is possible that incompatible mixes of leadership styles in the same department or company might alter the culture of the organization or reduce organizational performance. A lot of leaders might just not be able to align their specific styles along with the organization. Also, leaders who have these multiple styles but can adjust according to what the situation wants could be the most effective ones and create a positive impact on the company (Peterson & Luthans, 2003). Different leadership styles might have conflict working with each other as well. The idea is to understand the percentage of these conflicts, analyze different styles of working and see what works best for a hypothetical organization. These styles also vary as per different situations and what might work in one scenario might totally fail in the other (Song & Zhu, 2003). This study would help an individual or an organization understand the importance of effective leadership styles, and the ability to adjust different styles as per what situation demands, learn the best practices from effective leaders and compare to evaluate what works best for them. The idea is also brought to one's notice of how theory can be so different from actually applying leadership skills in any project. These skills have been taught to us for years and are a true contemporary sense, a lot of them have become obsolete. There has been an entry of numerous external factors in the picture like the advent of technology, increased empowerment to the employees, a more open and flexible culture in the organization and an effort to bring in transparency in the processes of the organization. Thus the research problem here is to analyze the conflict between different leadership styles and their effect on the organization.

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