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Business Strategy Report Rowing Queensland Limited - Expert Assignment Help


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Your client, RQL, has engaged you to advise them critically on a future strategy. 

The client has requested that you include in your report:

a. An overview of your recommended strategy.

    1. Discuss which strategic issues it will address. To do so, first, you will need to discuss the strategic issues that each team member identified in their previous individual report. Then, as a group, you will need to agree on what the most crucial strategic issues are.
    2. Discuss how your strategy will address these strategic issues.
    3. Discuss the financial implications of your anticipated strategy. In particular, provide an estimation of the budget impact (costs and revenue) that the strategy will likely have in the future (1-5 years). You do not need to be accurate, a realistic estimation will be sufficient. In doing so, remember that RQL does not have infinite resources, so feasibility of the proposed strategy has to be ensured.

b. Discussion of which elements of RQL's current strategy need to change. The following is a list of suggestions. It is by no means exhaustive, we do not ask you to discuss all of them. You should discuss the most salient elements that need to change. For example,

  1.  Changes in RQL's functional-level strategy: HR, marketing, etc.
  2. Changes in RQL's business-level strategies (e.g. how it positions itself within markets and lines of business).
  3. Changes in RQL's corporate-level and networking strategies (e.g. the overall position of the organisation, reflecting RQL's overarching vision, mission and organisational goals, outsourcing arrangements, mergers and acquisitions, relationships with other organisations and stakeholders).
  4. Changes in RQL's international strategy (e.g. relationships with international organizations). 
  5. Changes in RQL's organisation (e.g. different organisational structure or control systems, organizational culture or leadership, outsourcing activities or partnerships, downsizing).

c. Use theory-based analysis of evidence to support your arguments and recommendations.


Strategy for Rowing Queensland Limited (RQL)

Rowing as a sport consists of a number of variables involved like water and weather conditions. With strict restrictions even today on the weight and size of a boat, it is an issue to be able to put your teams ahead considering all parameters. Improved technological advances have been playing a keen role in progress in this regard. It also includes the training technology, which welcomed the Cox Box incorporating a stroke rate tracker, a speaker and a timing watch in a small and handy gadget (Thorsteinsson & Page, 2011). This too has been evolving at a fast pace with changing times. Real-time data can guide on where exactly the boat is and how is it moving. For the segment of customers who need a lot of data analysis, a technology called 'Powerview' can provide different parameters to evaluate a real-time rowing performance. The GPS technology and a gyroscope helps to capture speed, yaw and acceleration, pitch and length of stoke along with other things (Liebermann, et al., 2002). Also, the trainers can fit in as much as 5 HD cameras to the boat and observe what the rowers are actually doing in the boat and compare it to benchmarked processes for improvement. These videos can help the coaches to provide feedback to athletes, identify the best of them and focus on the ones who need special attention. An accelerometer-based sensor application can pair up with a few monitoring techniques and help in the recovery of inter and intra-stroke phases which can assist in measuring performance for the entire length of the competition (James, Davey, & Rice, 2004). The idea here is that Rowing Queensland Limited (RQL) adapts a few of these technological advances in its strategy to get a competitive edge over others.


The strategy of RQL would be to target international participants and professional teams who take part in competitions on a regular basis. Thus, RQL can move ahead to adopt the 'Powerview' technology in a specific line of its premium products to give an edge to the seekers of more technology and data. This would be in addition to the current amenities that the company already has. 'Powerview' can be marketed as the new age rowing technology that can help RQL get ahead of its competitors as well as updated with the latest technology in this field. Also, oar inspired technology can provide with data to improve the rowing performance. The capital needed would be around $400,000 with about $250,000 to enhance the 'Powerview' technology and $1,50,000 to get the oar inspired technology. The returns can be realized at about 150% over the next 5 years, as this is to target the high spending elite rowers only. Currently, such a combination isn't available in the market so RQL will have an edge over others to gain more revenues and hence more profits. This is also, in particular, to boost the technology strategy for RQL since not many competitors have been able to achieve this target effectively. We'll need technology experts in the purchasing, maintaining and other operational processes. The whole transition can be in phases of employing this technology in parts in order to achieve the ultimate goal by the end of this year.  

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