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Assessment framework

Stage 1

PD1 assignment – completed following the Starter Workshop

PD1 Reflection: Reflect on the personal development experienced in your whole life to this point and identify one key learning moment or event. Critically analyse the event using at least one of the models or concepts from the course materials or Starter Workshop.
Reflect on your recent career and analyse an aspect of the fit between you (as a manager) and the organisation* you work for, or last worked for. Use ideas, models and frameworks from the course to make the link between your personal development and your reasons for starting your course at Henley.

PD1 Plan: Comment on what impact your assignments in Stage 1 could have in your organisation and/or career development. State how you intend to overcome any barriers, such as gaining access to data, to senior managers or to other significant individuals, as well as how you will manage your time.

Undertake the self-assessment exercise for the '11 Qualities of the Effective Manager' (Pedler et al, 2013). From this, identify one key short-term personal goal to be achieved during Stage 1. State what evidence you will gather to demonstrate progress towards the goal.

PD2 assignment – completed at the end of Stage 1

PD2 Review: Review and reflect on the impact of your assignments and study in Stage 1. Focus on any insights related to self-awareness, using course materials and your learning journal as appropriate.
Reflect on the values questionnaire and exercise; identify and comment on your priority values (not more than three).
Present, with evidence, progress made in achieving the key personal goal that you selected in PD1.

PD2 Plan: Identify and analyse the dilemmas and choices you face in the balance between work, study and home life and choose a change in behaviour to achieve the right balance.

Assess your management practice and select two of the four meta-qualities of the effective manager (creativity, mental agility, ability to learn, self-knowledge) (Pedler et al, 2013). For each, identify a specific, short-term goal and demonstrate a plan to achieve or develop these during Stage 2.
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Personal Development: Assignment

Stage 2

PD3 Assignment– completed at the end of Stage 2

PD3 Review: Report and reflect on the effect of the change in behaviour you have made to achieve the right balance between work, home life and study.
Report and reflect, with appropriate evidence, on the two development goals you set yourself regarding two of the four meta-qualities (creativity, mental agility, ability to learn, self-knowledge) (Pedler et al, 2013).
Reflect on your own career and present an analysis of its pattern. Explain how you understand your own 'personal brand' and suggest ways that it could be improved.

PD3 Plan: Select and justify three personal development goals that are important to you:
1. a short-term goal (achievable in the next 12 to 18 months)
2. a medium-term goal (2 to 5 years)
3. a long-term aspiration (5 to 15 years)
Present a plan for your personal strategy to achieve or further develop at least one of these between now and the end of your programme.


There has been a considerable improvement since the day I reflected upon my career and ambitions and tried to connect them with my current work assignments and managerial responsibilities. The assignments so far, have touched upon various aspects of development in my personality. With the help of these assignments, I've been able to develop higher levels of self-awareness, put more focus on my strengths and acknowledge my weaknesses comprehensively. I have developed a habit of planning and have a realization of efforts to achieve those planned objectives.



The Impact

According to the agenda of this course, I've started to understand my personality in a better way.  This has helped me shape up my career path, acquire relevant skills of my interest and pay special emphasis on presentation. The assignments have had a key impact on developing my personality to be more open to newer aspects of learning. What is even more important is to convert newer experiences to learning (Boud et al., 2013). The assignments have impacted in a way I look at other team members since everyone is different and has a different perspective.

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