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Please provide an outline of a research project that you intend to use as the basis for your final assessment task 3, project proposal.

You should briefly write:

  • Name of the topic (up to 15 words)
  • A brief statement of the problem that you would like to examine.
  • Research objectives and questions: What potential research questions and objectives can solve the problem you have identified.
  • A brief methodology: Provide details about what method(s) of data collection you will follow, how you will source the required data, what tools you will use to analyse the collected data.

In addition, as a part of online participation/engagement, you must discuss why your project is important as well as you should provide feedback on at least one of your fellow class mates’ project topic in the online discussion forum. You should copy and paste your online discussion and feedback at the end of this assignment as an ‘appendix’. This appendix, the cover page, and the list of references are not counted in the word limit.

Overall, you have 500 word limit for this assignment.


1. Introduction and Scope of the Reflective Journal

Measured against goals and objectives of an organization, accomplishments are compared based on the planned and actual output results. The attained results help us qualitatively calculate the organizational performance (Wentland 2009). When analysing performance of an organization, various functions and dimensions are considered. One among the considered dimensions includes the leadership impact on employee performance (OSABIYA Babatunde 2015).

As we all know, employees tend to be the backbone of any organization. With such a fact borne in mind, one can well say the performance of employees contribute highly when the overall performance of an organization is considered (Dobre 2013). Literatures show, amongst all other factors the leadership style implemented on employee affect performance of employees to a large extent (OSABIYA Babatunde 2015). On basis of all discussed points, in this research the target would be to analyse the impacts of various leadership styles, either positively or negatively, on employee performance, ultimately impacting overall performance of an organization. 

The same would be done by analysing the impact of various individual leadership styles on different types of employees as well as different types of teams (Men 2010). Also, business based situation would be considered from ASDA Plc. the largest supermarket chain in UK as well as the British Airways, the largest airline company in  United Kingdom. The choice as been made though randomly, but the two most prominent industries has been considered.

  • Name of the topic (up to 15 words)

 Analysis of different leadership styles that impact the organizational performance. 

  • A brief statement of the problem that you would like to examine.

Organizational Performance can be impacted because of many reasons, positively as well as negatively. The study would help analyse, based on comparison, the impact of leadership styles by identifying a positive impact as well as a negative impact from actual business situations (Peris M. Koech 2012).

  • Research objectives and questions: What potential research questions and objectives can solve the problem you have identified?

Research Objectives:

Primary Objective:

  • Identification of different leadership styles and its impact on overall organizational performance.

Secondary Objective:

  • Comparison and Contrast of different leadership styles with its suitability based on different organizational situations.
  • How leadership style impact the various dimensions of organizational performance?

The above mentioned questions, would help not only for future researchers in analysing the topic based on comparisons but also help identify the trend that has taken up in businesses with different characteristics and how situational differences can need modulation in leadership styles.

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