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Business Process Management: Six-Sigma - Expert Assignment Help


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Reflect on the potential benefits and challenges regarding the implementation of Six Sigma to achieve operational excellence in the Service Sector. Support your arguments by relevant examples from the literature/industry.



The significance of the application of Six Sigma within the business context can be identified in the process to eradicate the errors from any of the business processes (Naslund 2013). This elimination of functional errors can be performed from any of the steps, including production to service of the products. This business strategy enhances the standard of business activities effectively. In this report, the impacts of the six-sigma on operational functions of organisations are explained in terms of benefits and challenges experienced during its implementation.


Reflection on the potential benefits and challenges regarding the implementation of Six-Sigma to achieve operational excellence in the Service Sector:

The application of six-sigma is necessary for business organisations to eliminate several organisational wastages and unnecessary elements (Pyzdek & Keller 2014). The benefits of the six-sigma are associated with the organisational functioning as well as with the smooth continuation of production, strategic maintenance and the delivery of the products (Jacobs, Swink & Linderman 2015). The six-sigma for DMAIC include definition, measurement, analysis, improvement and control, whereas the DMADV refers to the definition, measurement, analysis, designation along with verification (Prashar 2014). I have noticed clearly that during the implementation of six-sigma to achieve operational excellence, some benefits can be achieved as follow:

  • In order to interact with a number of different customers, the organisational management can able to improve their skills through using business tools and strategic methods (Evans & Lindsay 2014).
  • I have also observed that the elimination of the organisational issues successfully rearranges the disciplined structure (Pyzdek & Keller 2014). 
  • I also notice that successful teamwork with the organisational members is also performed through the application of this six Sigma (Prashar 2014).
  • In the development of the current market share, the importance of the Six Sigma is also unavoidable (Pyzdek & Keller 2014). Through eliminating the functional errors, the organisations can able to offer better service to customers that may increase the market share of that particular company through attracting potential customers and gaining competitive advantage. 

For example, within the health and social care sector, the minimisation of the medication issues is helpful in enhancing the standard of the individual service strategies.

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