Business Case for an HRM Intervention Proposal to eradicate swipe-out durations for employees - Expert Assignment Help
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Business Case for an HRM Intervention Proposal to eradicate swipe-out durations for employees - Expert Assignment Help


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Write a proposal to eradicate swipe-out durations for employees? Give a clear and brief overview of the key points covered in the Business Plan, including background information, proposal outline and desired outcomes, investment requirement, cost-benefit analysis, ROI and evaluation.


 The report here underlines an HRM business case for an IT services firm. With the current model enforcing the employees to spend a specific amount of hours at the office, the case tries to present a perspective of introducing more flexibility in the program. The idea is to empower the employees by giving them the freedom to finish their work as per deadlines and also focus on a good work-life balance. 

The program suggested is a 6-month pilot program with constant evaluation at every month. The expected outcomes here are considered to be higher job satisfaction among the employees, increased productivity, positive branding of the organization, ability to attract better talent from the market, saving on electricity and internet bandwidths and a reduced attrition rate. The major investments to be considered here are some training sessions to the managers on the new policy, changes in the HR information systems and the opportunity costs involved for people included in the program implementation. Key risks to be considered here are that the employees shouldn't take advantage of the flexibility and understand the importance of mutual trust with the company. Considering all the investments and benefits together, an ROI of about 157% can be ascertained. Hence, this looks like a profitable scenario from both qualitative and quantitative parameters. 


The organization being considered here is an IT services firm with a majority of its clients in the US and Europe. Like in most software companies, employees have a set of working hours to abide by and their time in office is usually tracked by swipe-in and swipe-out of ID cards. Recent feedback and surveys from employees have rated this compulsion of spending 9 hours at work every day, very low among all company policies. The current policy is more like enforcement for employees to stay in office premises regardless of the work allocated. 

The organization aims to be one of the most employee-friendly companies among its peers. With new start-ups across the industry who pay higher compensations to employees, people have started to look out for better options in the software segment (Nowak & Grantham, 2000). The attrition figures for the last 3 years have been around 14% on average. Attracting good talent from the market is one of the key challenges that the company is facing at the moment. The organization needs HR policies that favour employees and increases job satisfaction among them. Since attrition leads to additional recruitment and training costs, the best way to retain employees is to make sure that they have ample freedom to work to their best capacity. 

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