Book Talk - Ella Enchanted
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Book Talk - Ella Enchanted


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Opening Question: Start with an interesting question your audience would want to answer in order to 'sell' your book.

SHORT Summary: Explain the book in 5 or 6 sentences/ Don't give too much detail or give too much away! Include something about the setting, main character, conflict, and a HINT of the conclusion to leave them wanting to read the book.

Ending Question: End with a question making them want more of the book.


Opening question: Most parents complain that their child does not listen to them. What happens when you have an obedient daughter? Can obedience be a curse? Ever wondered that obedience can be a curse in disguise! Let’s have a look at the life of “Ella Enchanted”.

Short summary: Ella of Frell is blessed by misguided fairy Lucinda with a gift of obedience. Ella cannot disobey a direct order and frequently finds herself in tumultuous situations. Close to her mother-Lady Eleanor, and cook- Mandy, Ella leads a shielded life. It all changes when Eleanor dies, and Sir Peter fails to find a good match for Ella. As Ella strives to give her gift back and runs from her love to protect him, the story unfolds and speaks of love and selflessness.


Ending question: Can Ella free herself from the curse, or does she find a way to accept her troublesome fate?

My favourite part: my very favourite part in this work is the end, where Ella realize that she can avoid the following of the order and becomes sick, so much so that her curse is not able to withstand the selflessness. Ella is found in a tumultuous situation, where Lady Olga, Hattie, and Char urges her to marry Char. At one point, she is confused because she wants to say yes, and at another, the direct order makes it difficult for her to deny the same. Yet, her awareness about the possibility of destruction for Char made her develop selflessness, through which she even breaks her curse.

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