Environmental Sustainability Report 2020
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Environmental Sustainability Report 2020


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  1. Start with an interesting question your audience would want the answer to in order to sell your book. This should be one they can relate to in their own life.
  2. Explain the book in 5 or 6 sentences. Don’t give too much detail or give too much away! Include something about the setting, main character, conflict, and a HINT of the conclusion to leave them wanting to read the book.
  3. End with a statement as to why they would like to read this book.


Opening Question:

Hi children! Do you love reading? Ever read a mysterious book full of exotic characters and locations? I’m sure you have! But the big question is – Did you ever fall asleep reading a book and wake up inside the book experiencing the same adventures as the characters of the book??


Short Summary:

“Free Fall” is the story of a boy who goes to bed reading an interesting fairy tale. He is slowly drawn toward the wonderland in the book he had been reading before falling asleep. This wonderland is full of knights, demons, castles and dragons. In his dreams, he fights beside knights, slays a dragon and saves the lives of many people. But that is not the end of his adventures. He hops from one exciting episode to another. Sometimes he is in the Gulliver’s land of Liliputians. He has to lie down on the floor to converse with the little people. Sometimes he is thrown into the land of Giants where his size is so small that he can easily fit into a breakfast bowl. As he rides pigs and traverses through dangerous valleys, he is blown over by strong winds that carry him into eternity. He holds on to a flying leaf which takes him to his final destination. And what is his ‘final destination’? Well, you have to read the book to find that out.

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