BLBA - Draft Business Plan Market Analysis and Assessment Asian Market
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BLBA - Draft Business Plan Market Analysis and Assessment Asian Market


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Task Description

Analyse the corporate client (Flight Centre Travel Group) and market and prepare a report that addresses the following:
•The client's medium to longer term aspirations/objectives for growth in Asian markets (or in a particular Asian market)
•Relevant aspects of their current business model e.g. Current core strategy(/ies)? Strategic resources; current partnership networks; customer interface
•The client's ability to compete in the Asian market using relevant analytical tools (SWOT)
•Any competitive advantages the client may have at this stage in order to compete effectively in Asian markets (or in a particular Asian market)
•Analyse current markets e.g. trends, disruptions, emerging markets, emerging technologies relevant to the client's business



The detail report is going to evaluate opportunities of expanding the airline travel business of Flight Centre Travel Group, having a sound presence in the Australian market to further in the Asian market. It is going to briefly discuss the factors considered expansion of the said business as well as the target market penetration. Asian economies are the world largest and fastest growing ones with huge opportunities with dense working population untapped and unevenly explored. Flight Centre Travel Group has required competitive advantage to ensure sustainability in the Asian Market.

The main aspect of presenting report contents has been well brought out. It would have been better with a defining start either for expansion in business or for the specific organisation chosen.

Nature of the Business

Flight Centre Travel Group has the vision to become the world's most exciting travel company delivering an amazing experience to their customers and partners. FCT has a global presence with a strong fiscal support and its partner network is extended to 89 countries either through independent license or company-owned businesses. The focus of FCT both in retail as well as at corporate level has been to provide a suite of tailor-made deals and solution to their clients. The company itself is reinventing itself as from a travel agent to a world renowned retailer as well as Noble Selling Purpose.


Asian Market

Asian market as per the market experts is going to drive global economic growth over the next decade with an undeniable increase in competition both at international as well as domestic level. To attain a better understanding of the market it is important to analyse the factors favouring as well as affecting the Asian market condition with respect to FCT, an Australian Venture.
Strength: According to Economist Intellectual Unit, Asia's real GDP is expected to more than double to US$67 trillion by 2030, these estimates are exceeding that projected for the Americas and Europe together.

Infrastructure Management with Marketing Strategies

Facebook has designed many marketing strategies that provide varied features and helps in maintaining distinct networks for fulfilling various social needs as suggested in Maslow's needs hierarchy theory (Posters, 2014). The functions designed in Facebook provide capabilities for staying in touch with friends along with meeting new people and telling everyone about what you are doing etc. It has established many partnerships for improving and enhancing the application features as well as functionalities for developing the user experiences. There are many websites that have share functionality of Facebook for sharing photos, videos, Microsoft and Facebook but their advertising strategic alliance. In 2007 users can share information using Facebook Beacon for distributing to friends. It developed a five-year strategic relationship with Zynga for proving unique gaming experience to its users (Goel, 2014).

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