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Big Data with Cloud Computing: The New Value Enhancer for Companies - Expert Assignment Help


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Write a research proposal on Big Data with Cloud Computing: The New Value Enhancer for Companies



The term big data has emerged to become a widely recognized trend during the last decade. Big data stems from the continuous increase in data in terms of volume and variety captured by organizations(De Mauro, Greco, & Grimaldi, 2015). The rise of social media platforms, the new trends in IoT (the Internet of Things), multimedia and other data sources such as RFID, sensors contribute to data growth. All these data are generated continuously in addition to transactional data generated in organizations. Therefore all this data creation is collectively called the term 'big data'. Big data can be understood as: data that is enormous, unstructured and cannot fit into regular relational databases.  Big data is receiving enormous interest globally for all types of organizations as they contain useful information which is hidden and not easily visible from relational datasets(Villers, Olofson, & Eastwood, 2011). Big data processing is transforming a variety of application areas such as healthcare, banking, manufacturing, aerospace, retail and so on. Due to changes in the data managed by organizations in general, technology advancements provided the lever for storing, processing and preserving increased amounts of data irrespective of its nature. At the same time, the growth of cloud computing services is considered as ideal platforms for storing, handling and updating intensive workloads as required by big data(Kaisler, Armour, Espinosa, & Money, 2013).


Cloud computing is a significant technology development that provides a shift in IT services towards offering immense benefits for enterprise organizations compared to in-house IT management(Shayan, Azarnik, Chuprat, Karamizadeh, & Alizadeh, 2014). Over the years, cloud computing platforms prove to be a powerful architecture with abilities to perform large-scale computing tasks that are complex. Cloud computing services offer minimized costs without any resource restrictions for computerization, security, automation and software implementation for enterprises. Further, clouds provide enterprises with reduced infrastructure maintenance costs and efficient user access(Chih-Wei, Chih-Ming, Chih-Hung, & Chao-Tung, 2013).

In this proposal, the business benefits of implementing big data applications in cloud computing platforms are examined. The reasons for the need of cloud computing services for big data applications are explored. This proposal highlights the primary research method through an online survey. The questionnaire is developed to explain the further analysis and discusses the possible outcomes. The justifications for the research approaches mentioned are also provided. The section on literature review provides brief summaries of secondary literature available on this topic, and these reviews were used to build the objectives of this research. The methodology section emphasizes the need for the chosen research method and the expected outcomes of the chosen research topic. The work plan is also presented in the table.

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