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Assessment to Meet National Threshold Learning Outcomes - Expert Assignment Help


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Justify and communicate corporate governance advice and ideas in complex collaborative contexts involving both professionals and non-professionals in the corporate governance field?



The term Corporate Governance represents a platform through which a firm maintains its standard, lucidity, brand value and communication locally and globally (Bae, et al., 2012). It represents the relation between the external and internal entities of the business. It also shows how a company maintains and protects itself from its weaknesses. The focus here is on Telstra Corporation Limited, which is an Australian telecommunication company with the aim of a global connection for everyone. The 1901 born company provides excellent cyber safety and customer service (Kumar & Zattoni, 2013). The report presents the separated roles of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Board of Directors (BOD) towards effective corporate governance. 

Role of the CEO

The chief executive officer or CEO of the company deals with the high-level management and board of directors. The focus of a CEO usually is on leading and implementing the long term strategy of the company while taking the responsibility of day to day all levels of managerial decisions (Daily & Dalton, 2015). Telstra is well-known for its brand-value in Australia's telecommunication sector. Therefore, the CEO should attain the following important factors:

  • Marketing strategy and performance
  • Proper management of global and local shareholders
  • Corporate plan and policies according to ASX
  • Violation of customer service and policies
  • Risk management issues of the company 
  • Lucidity in all level of management
  • Proper team works

It can be said that the CEO requires having high levels of leadership and communication skill (Tricker, 2015). The major roles of a chief executive officer in a brand include:

  • Searching weak sectors in planning,
  • Developing and maintaining organizational culture according to the brand value
  • Developing marketing strategy according to the previous observation and reports
  • Visualize the outcomes of long and short time planning
  • Assuring the total expenditure for the annual budget
  • Confirming ethical and standardized management
  • Linking management, board, customer and stakeholders effectively 
  • Checking the overall performance in the market (global/local)
  • Confirming the long-time strategy with the senior level of management 
  • Planning risk management policy considering the economy, time and budget
  • Controlling the power of distribution for the overall progress of the company

Separated Roles of the BOD

According to the recent corporate documentation of Telstra, the Commonwealth has more than 50% share in the company. Therefore, the Corporations law 2001 identifies the company as a proprietary. It owns more than 2000 network nodes and 36000 employees globally. Thus, the company is not under the restriction of small proprietary corporations' law. A global proprietary firm has the following posts in Board of Directors:

  • CEO/ Executive director
  • Non-Executive directors
  • Independent directors

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