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Write a report to the President of the Fair Work Commission discussing the employment relations issues that can be identified in the industrial dispute between the Maritime Union of Australia and Patrick Stevedores Holdings Pty Ltd in 2015 and 2016.


Letter of Assessment:

12 May 2016

The Fair Work Commission of Australia

Dear Councillors

Please find the report related to the waterfront dispute of Australia occurred in 1998. The report discusses the employment-related issues that were identified in the waterfront dispute between the Maritime Union of Australia and Patrick Stevedores Holdings Pty Ltd in 1998. We believe that these discussions about the waterfront dispute will be given first priority in the upcoming meeting of 2016 

Yours faithfully




This study will provide a brief description related to the Outline of Waterfront Dispute that occurred on the 4 May 1998 which got dismissed that was appealed against orders of Federal Court. Those orders needed restoration of industrial and commercial situations which was appealed against the labour-hire companies of Patrick Stevedoring on 7 April. The waterfront dispute of Australia in 1998 was an extraordinary event in the history of Australian Industrial relations in which Patrick ltd carried out operations in an illegal manner in order to increase the productivity of the workforce of the company. This dispute was that the workers of Patrick Corporation had locked out after the restructuring took place and among those workers, some were the workers of the MUA. The locking out and dismissal of the workforce were supported and then backed by Government of Australian Liberal Coalition. In this dispute, major events that occurred in four different major ports i.e. where the significant operations were carried out by Patrick Corporation such as Brisbane, Sydney, Fremantle and Melbourne. Certain documents of government highlighted the design of waterfront reformed which is appeared in the hand of media. Those documents were then used by Federal Opposition in June 1998 in Parliament to substantiate with their claims. The purpose was to provoke a canvass mass sackings and national waterfront strike of the workforce. These events might result to replace the current workforce with the members of non-MUA by reforming waterfront. These documents were then used in the form of evidence by MUA to file against Minister of workplace and Patrick. The issues related to Waterfront dispute are Government were involved in the dispute, Restoration of the commercial positions of labour hires companies of Patrick, the flow of industrial developments was started from May 4, which plays a vital role in moulding the outputs. It was attempted by the federal government and Patrick Corporation in order to improve the efficiency of wharves In Australia by reducing the power of MUA and also staffing numbers. The data on which labour-hire companies were kept under administration and around 1400 employs of Patrick were locked out. The waterfront dispute was not finalised even if the settlement was done by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and other contracts that were being presented to Justice Tony North. In this report, we will give a brief summary about the events since the decisions of the high court on the waterfront i.e. 4 May 1998 till the terms of settlements of waterfront dispute in September 1998.

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