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Assessment 1: Case Study Research Report - Expert Assignment Help


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  1. Conduct an interview with an expatriate. 
  2. Identify and analyse three international HRM issues for the expatriate. 
  3. Critically evaluate the three IHRM issues involved with this specific expatriate. 
  4. Make recommendations as to how the organisation can address issues raised.
  5. A Research Report is required.


1. Introduction

The research conducted in this paper is about the critical understanding of three HRM issues: recruitment and selection process, selection criteria, and training and development. There is only one respondent who is an expatriate from the United States to Australia. The qualitative research is conducted from the single respondent via questionnaire method conducted online through Skype.

This paper will critically analyze recruitment and selection process, selection criteria, and training and development in the context of the expatriate workers from the United States to Australia.

This paper is a very valuable tool for the HR departments of the organizations to improve their HR performance in relation to the recruitment and selection process, selection criteria, and training and development. This paper is divided into the relevant literature review, the results of the research, discussion and recommendations.


2. Literature Review 

The recruitment and the selection process can be defined as a search process for the future employees and the stimulation and the encouragement for them for organizational jobs (Terpstra and Rozell 1993). As per Jones et al. (2006) and Korsten (2003), the theories related to HRM have been emphasizing the selection and the recruitment techniques and draw the interview benefits, assessing the psychometric examinations as the selection process of the employees. The recruitment process can be external or internal or maybe done online. In a typical way, this process is on the basis of policies pertaining to recruitment, formal training and selection, decision making, assessment, interviewing process and job application, advertising, job details and posting (Korsten 2003). Jones et al. (2006) argued that the recruitment policies found in industrial, business, or the healthcare sector might offer insights into the involved processes to establish the policies of recruitment and to define managerial objectives. The process of management is centred on recruitment, and the recruitment failure can be leading to difficulties or can create for any company, the unwanted barriers. This includes negative effects on the profitability and inappropriate magnitude on employee skills or staffing (Jones et al. 2006).

There is the usage of a number of parameters in the analysis of the location. Opatha (2010) explained the process of recruitment by attracting and finding qualified people suitably for the application of the job vacancies in the organization. Ofori and Aryeetey (2011) suggest that recruitment has been the process to generate a pool of competent people in applying for employment. The sophisticated recruitment process relies on the advertising and the referrals, especially for the smaller organizations as the choice of recruitment practice. Gamage (2014) opined that the general recruitment purpose is the provision of potentially qualified candidates for jobs. The human resource quality of an organization is dependent highly on the applicants' quality as the organization ends up selecting the employees from the people that were attracted. Henry and Temtime (2009) endorsed this view that recruitment is the manpower’s entry point into an organization and the path that should be followed by an organization in order to ensure that right individual is attracted for their vibes and culture so as to make the strategic goals achievable.  

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