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  1. Describe major ethics and sustainability tools and concepts.
  2. Utilize critical reasoning skills to identify solutions to ethical problems.
  3. Examine sustainability policy and practice at multiple levels.
  4. Evaluate the social, environmental and economic impact of business on stakeholders.
  5. Explain the importance of diverse cultural influences to ethics and sustainability.
  6. Analyze contemporary global ethical and sustainability issues.


Task 1: Poverty a Global sustainability Distress:

Poverty is a global issue and is a condition of scarcity where an individual or a group of individuals cannot provide for their basic needs.

Task 2: Elements in the Environment that impact Poverty:

The factors of the environment have an impact on the income of an individual and thereby could influence the level of Poverty. Elements in the environment have an influence and impact on the intensity of Poverty:

1. Political system, government and Legal system:

The government of a country and the regulations have an influence on the growth of the economy. If initiatives are taken to start small-scale industries, invite trade participation by other countries, and improve employment opportunities, then the level of Poverty is bound to change (Betti 2012). Some of the developed nations provide food stamps, shelter, and medical benefits, and thus people have good standards of living. Lack of interventions opens people to deal with their financial crisis themselves.

2. Economic, Social Influence and Trends in the culture:

The family structures and habits, the level of debt, alcoholism in the society influences the intensity of Poverty (Afzal 2014). Sometimes the geographical surroundings have an impact on society and habits. When there are many members in the family, and a single earning member, the expense limit for a person is limited (Afzal 2014). Employment pattern, behaviours like alcoholism is specific to societies and has an impact on the income.


3. Technology: 

A country’s technology capture and implications have a strong influence on society. Observations and records indicate that the employment level and the level of income is higher is concentrated industry areas where technology is adapted (Birsch 2012). Higher the technical spirit in a region, the higher the opportunities and the higher the income.

Thus, the surrounding environment contains factors that influence the income level of a region. When the income is less, the level of Poverty is higher.

Task 3: Critical Social Elements and its impact on Poverty as a global issue:

Poverty exists nearly in every region. However, the intensity and percentage are higher in developing and underdeveloped nations. Few elements in society have an impact on Poverty.

  1. Ideals of the society: Societies are distinguished by ideals
  2. One of the key cultural habits that could influence the income of a family in a society is drinking (Dodds 2012). The societies, as identified by de-addiction centres, are geographically unique and have a specific region that could be set apart.
  3. Group structures: Every society has the ability to form groups for various causes. The groups could be independent of the political system prevailing in the country. For poverty alleviation, it would be in the interest of the society to form groups E.g. groups, to remove Unemployment (Gorski 2010). In most of the Poverty prone regions of Asia and Africa, poverty alleviation groups have been visiting groups from other countries. Poverty has to be fought more from a global level. 

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