Animal Rights
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Animal Rights


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Should it be illegal to use animals for sporting and entertainment?



Humans are forcing the animals to get involved in sports and entertainment as no animal would want to perform any confusing, painful and other tricks involved. Most of the animals are subjected to abusive tools such as electric pods and whips through which the animals are trained to perform such activities. The main intention of such training is money which humans can get through animals by involving them in sports and entertainment. Animals like horse, birds, hippopotamuses, elephants and camels are beaten and trained. In this process animal suffer from frustration, boredom and loneliness as they are locked in cages and chained that is illegal. They are made to travel from city to city in such ways where they are not let free to move around. Instead of doing such activities, animals need to be set free in their natural habitats for raising their own families and enjoying the nature.



Animals can live normally and freely in their habitats with their herd. But, humans are not allowing to let them free and sentencing them to cruelty, boredom and abuse. For entertainment sake, animals are kept at zoo to engage people and earn money. Most of the animals are trapped and kept in marine parks, zoo and aquarium. Few others are trained and kept in the circus where they are forced and trained to perform the circus tricks for the sake of entertainment (Bizri et al. 2015). People also involve few animals in sports and fight such as horse race, dog fights and bull fights. Horse race can mine money and people are mad in investing the same. They do not think about the horses and how they are hurt in the whole process. Though horses love to run, they are sometimes forced to run when sometimes their heart stops beating because of improper facilities supplied (Pilgim and Petty, 2010)

New laws should be laid in order to protect the animals and to have their rights. There is a need to make it illegal for animals to be kept in such poor conditions and harsh training methods. Animals kept in zoo habitats are under uncertain conditions and are given improper care where the surroundings are limited to move and play. Marine animals kept in the aquariums should be properly maintained which can enhance the habitat and provides similar environments in which they survived (Peta, 2017). Animals are beaten and trained in circuses to perform the stunts which are not easy to do. They are subjected to abuse and unjust conditions. These procedures need to be corrected by laying some laws and regulations which should be applied strictly to all the practices. There are some zoos that are on this phase of training people and to provide required surroundings and food for the animals (Pilgim and Petty, 2010)

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