Analysis of Consumer Decision Making Variables on Travel Websites Assessment-1 - Expert Assignment Help
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Analysis of Consumer Decision Making Variables on Travel Websites Assessment-1 - Expert Assignment Help


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The research you conduct should be on a topic that interests you and is work related. 

In assessment task 1 you will develop a research design report/proposal with background to your research. In assessment task 2 you will report the analysis and results of your research on the same topic. In assessment task 1 you will need to provide background to your topic and research, a definition of the problem, your research aim, and an annotated bibliography of related literature. 

Note: While the topic of your study for assessment 1 and 2 is up to you, it needs to be something that could be researched using a survey based research instrument. Time will be given in class to considering the impacts of this condition on your project. 

Most research projects start with a critical review of the literature on the topic. With this in mind your first assessment involves you completing some of the planning steps for a hypothetical research project that you would be interested to undertake. Your tasks are: 

  • Thinking of your professional life/goals and identify an issue that you think would be interesting to research. You will need to narrow your focus to a precise research topic. 
  • Once you have identified your topic you then need to articulate why your topic is important, your research aim and the specific hypotheses or objectives or research questions for your study (we will talk about the differences between these in the lectures). 
  • Inevitably there will be others who have researched your area of interest and even your specific topic. With this in mind you are required to complete an annotated bibliography of six academic articles from your area. In the review you are required to articulate the major components of the papers and the way in which their content (theoretical and/ or methodological) relates to the study you are planning to undertake. Each paper review should not exceed 400 words. 

Then, conclude with a concise statement on how your proposed research project will contribute to our understanding of the issue that you have identified as being worthy of future research.



The consumer purchase decision making is widely classified into five stages – problem recognition, information search, alternate evaluation, actual purchase and post-purchase evaluation. Decision making is highly dependent on the type of product or service consumed. Factors that tend to influence a consumer’s buying decision are categorised into cultural, social, psychological and individual factors.  The surrounding environment, time, individual’s mood and condition play a crucial role. Further, a consumer’s perception, motive, knowledge, age, family and friends, income class and cultural background play a significant role in his/her purchase decisions. Understanding the consumer thought process is essential for marketers to ensure that their product or service yields revenue from the target market. A lack of understanding of these influential factors increases the risk of failure of the marketed product or service and makes it obsolete. This essay reviews the published journal articles which assess the influence of different variables on consumer decision making related to travel and tourism websites, especially Also, the research design to gather information from consumers is outlined.


Organisational Background

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Webjet Limited is a leading online travel booking service provider with an internal presence. The two business segments of the company are business-to-consumer travel and business-to-business travel. The major brands of this company are Webjet, ZUJI, Lots of Hotels and Sunhotels. It allows a customer to search, compare, combine and book travel packages, hotels, transport – cars and flights and travel insurance (Bloomberg 2017).

Research Background

It is observed by leading travel magazines that there is a growing competition for Webjet from the local versions of international travel service providers such as Expedia and Priceline (Freed & Fitzsimmons 2014). The crucial elements for the success of online travel agents are brand recognition, customer loyalty and investment in search engine optimisation. Generally, potential customers tend to use the Google search engine to search for general terms and select the booking website that is listed at the top of the results page. The global companies are technologically and financially strong to invest in paid search ads. Also, this industry has lesser entry barriers which make Webjet vulnerable to global competitors. This is evident from the entry of Airbnb in 2017 into the Australian market (McDuling 2017). Hence, Webjet has to devise strategies to compete against global majors, such as designing its website to be customer-friendly, optimise the searches for travel requirements and place it in the higher order of the search ranking to attract more customers and increase its profits. To accomplish this, Webjet has to understand the factors that influence travellers during their decision-making process involving travel websites.  

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