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Analyses Of My Micro-Teaching Lessons - Expert Assignment Help


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Would you please paraphrase all my sentences and support your paraphrasing with 3 or 4 sentences from this compulsory book: ' Practice teaching to Richard and Farrell'.

400 words for each lesson please.

Analyses of my micro-teaching lessons:.

Lesson 1  (400 words)

The most valuable feedback I received was from my cooperating teacher Sarah.  She told me I appeared more relaxed. This confirmed my belief that I felt less nervous than expected and resulted in an increased confidence for all subsequent lessons. It highlights the value of positive feedback.

I had many small concerns during delivery, I think the comments of talking fast were accurate but caused by the short time, in supervision Sarah confirmed that the interventions I made were appropriate and that it was not confusing to provide students with meanings of unfamiliar words in my 'telephone conversation role play' that I prepared. Sarah commented that it was an interesting exercise which highlighted a student need, and it was related to a school topic which let all the students engaged with the activity. The discussion was clear. The outcome of the activity was clear.

My voice at the beginning was low but later on I got my confidence and my voice was clear.

Sarah mentioned that I modelled the conversation before I gave it to them by explaining and demonstrating,  which was excellent way of teaching.

I devised this activity as an appropriate start to the lesson to increase their engagement, as well as it was good to motivate the students with my encouraging comments, like 'very good' or 'excellent', but it was better to give the students more chance to think and talk to answer the questions, provide students with enough time to formulate their responses in speaking.  

My grammar explanation was great and the instructions was very clear. While feedback is always positive there are elements worth adopting and others that are less useful. I appreciated the interesting suggestion to relate grammar points to the activities. I consider  this is something I can pick up and use over time. Although I exceeded the time limit students were engaged and Sarah thought it's beneficial to continue.

Lesson 2   (400 words)

I was surprised how this lesson progressed. I have been confident when teaching the class, my nerves disappeared., and my voice was clear and increased confidence.

Clearly presenting my eliciting questions. It is an interesting reminder that when obtaining answers from the class that, even if most of the class demonstrates understanding, it doesn't mean the whole class has understood a particular point. This incident revealed the importance of investigating other ways of checking students understanding. The first part was eliciting questions to check their understanding of the topic which was a great idea to start as Sarah mentioned.

The activity was good to improve students literacy skills. Student were relaxed as they found the text easy to read while increasing their vocabulary.

Timing was an issue. It is difficult to restrict a grammar explanation to only 10 minutes, followed by students examples. 

I felt I must explain grammar slower and do more than one exercise together, writing the examples on the board as well as saying them. Other areas to consider are to introduce more strategies to check comprehension and reduce teacher talk by giving students more time to talk

I am fortunate that students were comfortable asking questions both in grammar and vocabularies. I encourage students to ask with an encouraging statement, for example i say, you asked a very good question here.

All the students responded well verbally to text types and together they were able to answer all the related questions.

I appreciated the comments Sarah made about my clear instructions and encouraging students throughout the lesson. Supporting the lesson with visual images, delivering the lesson in an effective pace.


Lesson 1  

Sarah was one of my most cooperating teachers, and she provided me with very valuable feedback. According to her, I was more relaxed than before. This was due to the fact that I was less nervous this time as compared to before. This helps me to boost up my confidence levels during the subsequent lessons. This places a strong emphasis on the importance of positive feedback (Richards & Farrell, Working with your cooperating teacher, 2011, p. 9).

I had a couple of concerns during my role play. Sarah pointed out that I was speaking very fast. I felt that this was right as it occurred due to shortage of time. She also said that certain interventions made by me during this exercise made the class very interactive and interesting. It helped the students to understand the meanings of the words with which they were unfamiliar. Since the topic, “telephone conversation role-play”, was related to the school life of a student, the class was able to connect with it easily, and it leads to their engagement in the activity. In addition, the discussion and outcome of the activity were clear.

Initially, since I was nervous, I began with a low voice. But later on, I felt more confident, and the tone of my voice got much better and sounded clear.

Sarah, in her feedback also told me that I had demonstrated a very nice method of teaching as I had not only explained but also demonstrated the entire conversation of the role-play before actually, I had actually conducted it (Richards & Farrell, Working with your cooperating teacher, 2011, p. 18).


I felt that in order to provide a good start to this lesson, the role-play activity would be the most appropriate one. By providing positive and motivating comments like excellent during my activity, I felt that it would increase student engagement. However, later I felt that students should be provided with more opportunities to think well and structure their answers properly.

I feel that the instructions provided by me were very clear, and my explanation of grammar was also excellent. Feedback encompasses both positive and negative comments. I feel that it is important to understand the elements which one can change and which one can ignore based on the usefulness of the comments provided. I was provided with a suggestion to relate activities to grammar rules. Since I felt that it was an interesting comment, I appreciated this. I feel that I can adopt this as it will be useful to me in the long term. In spite of exceeding the time limit, which was allotted to me, I was allowed to continue my role-play activity. This was because Sarah felt that I could engage the students well.

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