Analyse and respond to client health information
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Analyse and respond to client health information


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Write a brief Analyse and respond to client health information


Task 1: Scenario 

Scenario – 1 

1. The nurse professional would require evaluating the pattern of left wrist puffiness and swelling on Emma's admission. The range of movement of the wrist as well as the AP and Lateral left wrist x-ray findings would require evaluation on admission prior to surgical intervention. 

2. The vital signs would be recorded on the triage notes for physician evaluation. 

3. Coaptation splint would require utilization for stabilizing Emma's left distal radial fracture. The splinted wrist and hand would be monitored until swelling resolution. The splinted wrist might be raised and ice pack applied for reducing the localized swelling. The wedding ring could be removed effectively after fracture stabilization. 

4. Neuromuscular re-education and cryotherapy to the pain region would require administration for undertaking an effective pain management. Movement restriction of the distal radial joint is also recommended for controlling the pain intensity. 

5. Patient might be affected by the pattern of regional pain syndrome. The nurse professional would require evaluating the pressure pattern on patient's left hand and wrist due to inappropriate sling placement. Appropriate extremity alignment would ensure the reduction in abnormal pressure that would eventually reduce patient's tingling and cyanosis manifestations.

5. The increase in pain intensity and numbness might attribute to patient's left median or ulnar nerve injury as well as abnormal pressure on the wrist under the influence sling. Indeed, an undiagnosed scaphoid fracture or fasciitis could also contribute to the increased pain pattern.


7. Patient would require placement on the orthopaedic bed. Appropriate lubrication and clamping of the treated wrist would be required to facilitate an effective fracture approximation. The patient positioning would be done in a manner to facilitate the maintenance of pull across bone's long axis in the context of bone alignment. Maintenance of an appropriate traction setup would also be required for reducing post-operative complications. 

8. Emma experiences the risk of developing fracture malunion or malposition. Furthermore, tendon rupture as well as ORIF complications could complicate her case post-operatively. She might also experience Volkman's ischemic contracture. Fracture complications could be manifested in the form of infection or mechanical complication of the ORIF apparatus. Fracture malunion could lead to could lead to the potential loss in wrist's reduction position and associated instability.

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