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A Case Study Analysis of Lightwire - Expert Assignment Help


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Writing the case study. Topic attached as PDF

Instructions: As a guide for this case study, aim for an assignment length of 1500 words + financial appendices 2-3 pages

Be professional – assume you are producing work for a real client.

We just need to write a case study and business plan.


In recent decades, Lightwire which provides the wireless Internet connection to different communities has expertise itself in providing the rural community services. Despite all these things, it is receiving some of the excellent talents of various specialized engineers and at the same times their commitment towards the work. Previously there were different small IT partners of Lightwire, but right now they became the landlord for the organization (hgb.co.nz, 2016). Lightwire had also expertise in various fields like their engagement towards their technical solutions both in the case of products as well as in the event of services. The manager of the corporation wanted to invest a larger amount in the organization as he can be able to understand the potential of the business in the future. The company wants to extend its wings in particularly in the Ultra-Fast Broadband world. Previously the organization was losing money. Lightwire can undertake no effective strategy of Lightwire (lightwire.co.nz, 2016).


For this reason, mainly, the manager wanted badly to invest more to keep it in a better position. After that, the manager had made a lot of changes, and a more amount of money had been invested in the business to undertake new updated technologies and the equipment. Previously the manager of the company, Andrew was involved in other works such as rural internet services, changing the business models and to operate on different levels on profit margin levels.

Methods and Approach for this case study

The purpose of the study is to review the literature and the history of the company, Lightwire. The other aim is to see the business plans that have been undertaken by the management presently and the strategies they are looking forward to adopting in their business. The biggest change that has been observed in the business is the variations in the cultural environment and the improved transparency of the performance of the employees working there. In rural regions, the company primarily uses the networks of others like Vodafone, Chorus, and Kordia (Gollenia, 2016). Refer to Appendix 2

Apart from this, the management of the company also develops its businesses in Waikato. The main aim of the company is to build their network in Waikato and in this way; they are trying to establish their positions by making the partnership with the schools of that region having fiber connections.

Initial Challenges faced by Lightwire 

The management of Lightwire had also faced particular challenges like frustration which rises due to uncertainty about their company's brand (Simón-Moya & Revuelto-Taboada, 2016). There were also certain types of communication gaps faced by Andrew in between the top management and the employees working in the organization. The management needs to have the ability to face competitiveness in the consumer market. The higher amount of expenditure has been made for the updated technologies and the systems. The time and the efficiencies that have been provided by the management of the organization are not at all satisfactory and in this case, the margins are not satisfied fully (Behringer & Sassenberg, 2015). The transparency in the performance also cannot be developed properly and at the same time, the innovation within the business has also been getting destroyed on a daily basis. After a full review of the business, Andrew made a number of changes for future prepay plans and the growth of the Lightwire venture. Though there is a lot of drawbacks in the Lightwire even then Lightwire had a lot of potential in terms of potential and technology.

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