6 Hand Picked Open Source Tools Useful For A Student
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6 Hand Picked Open Source Tools Useful For A Student

14 Hand picked Open source Tools Useful for a Student

How Open Source Tools Can Help You Live A Better Life ?

Open source tools play a major and vital role in today’s world. These Open source tools provide different set of users to use the software and also add their own code. This approach aids in the development of the technology. Bringing the same into learner platform provides encouragement in developing one’s skill. They aid the brighter brains to explore new trends. The internet has added major contribution to learning. To access the online resources and working with it requires some add-ins. The free Opensource tools are economical options provided to the population. The article contains the description of Opensource tools used by the student category.

Inkscape & Ottobib

Graphic Software-Inkscape

The students are provided with previous readings to bring in new and better invention. To start with, they research previous writing in books and online resources for help. International standard book numbers are provided to writings. The listing can be obtained in APA, MLA and other formats. Ottobib provides the catalogue in different formats. The repository accepts 10-13 ISBN digits to process the request. A free and open-source vector graphics editor was launched in the year 2003. The product aids in creating and editing different vectors. Diagrams, line arts, etc. are some of the vectors.

Google Reader

14 Hand picked Open source Tools Useful for a Student
The program application was created by Google to provide information to the public. Google reader an atom feed aggregator was created in 2005. The application listed a set of doings. These include front page depicting the different news items. The users are provided with facility to mark the read items. Importing and exporting the subscription catalogue is also present. An online facility aiding the user in better writing and reading was provided in the year 1995. The online dictionary was founded by Brian Karinger and Daniel Fierro. This was a part of Lexico publishing. The website was later taken over by IAC Company. Another invention providing free video-sharing is launched by Google. The facility enables to embed the selected videos on other websites. They add the necessary HTML code. The approach addresses the storage issues. The facility was launched in the year 2005.

XMind 7

14 Hand picked Open source Tools Useful for a Student
XMind Ltd came up with new software at the start of 2016. The software aids in providing mind mapping and brainstorming facility. The software can capture ideas, clarify thinking and promote team collaboration. The product supports mind maps, Fishbone diagrams, tree diagrams, etc. The product aids in providing efficient time management task. In the year 2003 Morizilla launched its Opensource product. The cross-platform, email, news and chat client were features supported by the product. The original version was personal information manager. The application can manage multiple mails, newsgroup and news feed. The application also supports multiple identities.


14 Hand picked Open source Tools Useful for a Student

The project management software aiding in collaboration is available. Ganttproject provides work breakdown structure. Many other features including generation of various kinds of charts are facilitated. The product is available in 20+ languages. An Opensource graphics editor is introduced. The product aids in editing vectors. The illustrations, diagrams, line arts can be created in this application. The product also facilitates importing and exporting the doings in different formats. The product avails primitive vector shapes, text and regions. The FTP application free software was hosted on Sourceforge. The cross-platform application consists of FileZilla client and server. The product supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The FileZilla client provisions using FTP, SFTP and FTPS.

Google Calendar

14 Hand picked Open source Tools Useful for a Student

An app aiding time-management was hosted by Google in the year 2009. The product support web and mobile usage. The users need to own an account to access the application. Kevin Fox designed the Ajax-driven interface. The users can use the application from any location. Software featuring the use of numerical computations was launched. Higher level programming language was used to solve linear and nonlinear problems. The product can be used as a batch-oriented language. The structured programming language supports C standard library functions. UNIX system calls and functions can also be used.


14 Hand picked Open source Tools Useful for a Student

An Open-source content management framework was launched in the year 2000. The PHP written framework supports wide range of websites. Personal blogs, corporate, political and government sites are programmed using the framework. The features include user account registration and management, taxonomy, page layout customization etc. A mathematical software featuring mathematics was launched in the year 2000. Algebra, combinatorics, numerical mathematics, number theory and calculus are supported by the product. The software uses Python-like syntax. Procedural, functional and object-oriented constructs are supported by this product.


14 Hand picked Open source Tools Useful for a Student

Using Opensource products is a great option. These products provide source code to the users. The users can add their contribution to the product. The free version aids the learners to do better in their studies. The various products launched have contributed in different domain. The experts from IT assignment help use this open source software and they also recommend that students should also make use of this freeware. In case you,  IT students are writing any projects you can always seek essay help from subject experts or use this freeware to support you in your assignment.


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